The following story shows exactly who Dr.Robert Lewin truly is:

Robert Lewin preparing to meet the rest of the Lewin family at Dr. Lewin's homeThanks to a donation by Dr. Robert Lewin and 411-PAIN, an organization that helps people recover after being injured in a car accident, more than 12,500 at-risk students in 25 low-income schools throughout Broward and Miami-Dade County elementary schools will be given gift certificates to purchase new books at their schools’ Scholastic Read and Rise Book Fair.

“We are proud to be part of a program that encourages young students to enjoy reading, and, as a result, get a chance for a better start in life,” said Dr. Robert Lewin, CEO of 411-Pain.

The first Read and Rise book fair was held at Paul Turner Elementary in November. The remaining fairs will be held from January through the end of the 2010-11 school year.

One recent recipient was 8-year-old Nyabi, who ran home telling her grandmother, Glaudia Morgan, that her school gave her money to buy books.

“I’ve seen an improvement in Nyabi’s reading and math scores thanks to this program,” said Morgan. “Nyabi’s school held a meeting for all parents to tell us what to expect and how to encourage our children toread more. Richard Garrick, the principal of Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary School explained that a gift certificate would be given to each student to purchase their own books at the school book fair.” Principal Garrick also stated that for many of the students, this was the first book they have ever owned.

Many children participating in the program could not afford to purchase books at past fairs. “Students would go home with less expensive items like erasers or bookmarks instead of books,” said Principal Garrick. “Children who struggle with reading often have a tough time in all subjects,” he added.

Despite budget cuts, Garrick is finding ways to boost reading scores and involve parents through private partnerships and special events like reading nights for parents. “Nearly 80 percent of our families are at the poverty level,” said Garrick. “Now that students are able to take home new books, reading has taken hold at our school and allowed teachers to set reading goals that further enhance the students’ learning. 1-800-411-PAIN’s support of the Read and Rise program is instrumental. “Partnerships like this make all the difference,” says Garrick. For more information on Scholastic Books’ programs, visit

About 411-PAIN

411-PAIN (1-800-411-PAIN) was founded in 1995 to assist those who have been injured in a car accident. 411 PAIN has grown into a nationwide network of offices that can help people get their lives back on track after an auto accident. 1-800-411-PAIN puts clients in contact with an experienced attorney who can explain their rights and the monetary benefits they may be entitled to depending on the facts of their case. 411-PAIN also supports many philanthropic endeavors and gives back to the communities it serves. For more information, please visit